Yanukovych: We expect that the FTA Agreement will be signed in Vilnius


Regional economic forum in Kyiv held in the framework of the World Economic Forum must provide a positive signal for the Summit in Vilnius where Ukraine plans to sign the Association Agreement with the EU. It was stated by the President at the meeting with Executive Chairman of the World Economic Forum Klaus Schwab.29197

“It is very important that this forum will be held on the eve of the Summit in Vilnius. We expect that the Association Agreement and FTA Agreement will be signed in the course of the given Summit. Also, it is very important for us that the Ukrainian regional economic forum of the World Economic Forum provides a respective signal to Vilnius. It will be another important component for making the positive decision,” the Head of State said at the meeting with Executive Chairman of the World Economic Forum Klaus Schwab.

He noted that a great work was being held in Ukraine to hold the regional economic forum. “We have established 88 groups consisting of the best world experts, specialists, political scientists and economists who are currently elaborating proposals on various directions,” the Head of State noted.

According to the President, discussion at the forum in Kyiv will be useful for Ukraine. At the same time, this discussion must be continued within the Forum in Davos. “We understand that recommendations at the Economic Forum in Davos will be increasingly important for Ukraine as a state that is in the top-30 global exporters. Ukrainian economy has a lot of problem issues related to the world economic crisis,” Viktor Yanukovych emphasized.

He reminded that due to the reforms held in Ukraine since 2010, the government had managed to inhibit negative trends in the economy. In that context, the President emphasized the importance of cooperation with the WEF.

In his turn, Executive Chairman of the World Economic Forum Klaus Schwab appraised the decisiveness of Ukrainian President in holding of reforms. “Current global situation and economic climate in the world do not facilitate holding of such reforms. At the given stage, reforms bring more difficulties than advantages. That is why I highly evaluate Ukrainian efforts in the context of reformation,” he said.

He added that the reforms initiated were essential given the place Ukraine was planning to occupy in global economic system.

Klaus Schwab expressed gratitude to Viktor Yanukovych for the support of joint work. “It is important for us to submit our report and proposals at the meeting in Kyiv on November 5-6,” he noted.

According to the Executive Chairman of the World Economic Forum, joint work over the reforms in Ukraine is also a powerful impetus in the context of signing the Association and FTA Agreement.

“In that context, Davos will become a platform for demonstration of our common elaborations. It is the beginning of a long-term and promising process for Ukraine to overcome the transitional period under your presidency. The program of our reforms will facilitate the process that will begin after the signature of the Association and FTA Agreement,” Klaus Schwab said.

“I consider today’s meeting and events in Vilnius and Davos as an opportunity to strengthen the brand we are jointly creating to attract foreign direct investment in Ukraine and as a fact that after the signature of the Association Agreement, Ukraine will become an important partner not only for the European countries, but also for the whole world,” he added.

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