More Than Third of Public Bodies Entitled to Manage State Budget Funds are Already Operating on E-Data Portal


The united web portal for the monitoring of the use of public funds “E-Data” is being updated with new open data on the use of budget funds. 37% of the public bodies entitled to manage these funds have already set up their virtual offices on the web portal and uploaded more than 4.3 million contracts, additional agreements, bills and reports.

The Ministry of Finance is continuing to implement the revolutionary IT platform “E-Data” which makes it possible to retrieve precise data online about all transactions with public funds. Each citizen can easily and promptly trace payments effected by all public authorities and companies as well as identify the receivers of these transfers, their purpose, amount etc.

Presently, more than a third of all bodies entitled to manage public funds maintain their profiles at “E-Data” and have published more than 4.3 million various documents. This includes 19 bodies with each of them having published more than 4 thousand documents, which is equal to approx. 2.5% of the total number of the documents published at “E-Data” so far.

7 of 19 leading bodies are located in Dnipropetrovsk region, but the best performer is the same as last year – this is the housing department of Kharkiv city council which has published 11960 documents at E-Data. The second and third best performers are the Ministry of Defense (11549 published contracts and documents) and the Education department of the executive committee of Novomoskovsk city council (9166 published documents).

Also, the Ministry of Finance has started to implement the second project module, which is the system “Transparent Budget”. This module shall make it possible to remove corruption from the budget process and will let the interested parties receive information on the execution of the state and local budgets assess budget risks etc.

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