President’s Address On Terrorist Attack In Mariupol


Bloody murder of dozens of civilians and wounding of nearly a hundred of people by pro-Russian terrorists in Mariupol is not a terrorist attack. It is a crime against humanity that should be submitted to the Hague Tribunal.

Having opened the aimed fire on the residential areas of Mariupol, militants continued a series of terrorist attacks, among which are the shelling of the civilian bus near Volnovakha, murder of people at the bus stop and in the trolleybus in Donetsk, shelling of residential areas of many cities and villages.

I bow my head in the memory of those who died today and earlier.

The so-called offensive of terrorists is their attack against Donbas civilians. Risking their lives, Ukrainian warriors defend civilians and decently rebuff separatist bastards in all azimuths.

The international coalition must strictly respond to the crimes of terrorists, increase all forms of pressure on those who sponsor and support them. This is what I was talking about in Riyadh and in the course of today’s phone conversations with the world leaders.  Now, I am urgently coming back to Ukraine to hold the NSDC meeting and coordinate actions in response to this terrible crime.

Civilized countries must further unite efforts and stop the spread of terrorist threat. The so-called DPR and LPR must be recognized terrorist organizations.

It is time to call their patrons by name. Any assistance to militaries, the supply of weapons, equipment and well-trained manpower – isn’t it a support of terrorism visible to the entire world?

We stand for peace, but we accept the enemy’s challenge. We will defend our Homeland as true patriots. And to complete victory.

I address all Donbas residents, all Ukrainians who suffer from terrorists and from the aggressor: as President, I will do everything to stop the pain and suffering, to return peace to each Ukrainian family – from Lviv to Luhansk, from Chernihiv to Kerch.

Having united our efforts, we will defend our freedom!

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