Ukrtelecom EBITDA Rises 12% to UAH 500m in Q1 2016


Ukrtelecom continues improving its efficiency. In Q1 2016, the company’s EBITDA grew 12% year on year to UAH 500 million. The EBITDA margin went up 2.5 percentage points to 29.2%, with the net profit making UAH 100 million.

Ukrtelecom’s revenues over the period were at the last-year level — UAH 1.712 billion.

Its telecom income was stable as well, making UAH 1.565 billion. Proceeds from retail and corporate services grew 5.5% to UAH 967 billion and 3% to UAH 310 million respectively. The revenues from services decreased for telecom operators due to a voice transmission market downturn.

The company’s earnings from fixed-line telephony amounted to UAH 824 million, with nearly 6.3 million active subscribers.

As Ukraine’s biggest broadband provider, Ukrtelecom continues expanding its coverage and improving the quality of service. The company generated UAH 368 million in broadband income, a 17% increase year on year. The subscriber base made 1.6 million at the quarter end. The home Internet users have become more active: in Q1 2016, one subscriber used 65Gb on average every month, a 14% rise as compared with last year. The number of Interactive TV users went up as well to almost UAH 73,000, a 115% increase year on year.

In the corporate segment, Ukrtelecom continued a range of initiatives for big Ukrainian businesses. In particular, we launched an individual module for First Ukrainian International Bank’s data processing centre, which was the company’s pioneer project in the segment of data processing centres for banking. The company completed 90% of the telecom network construction for OKKO filling stations, much ahead of the schedule. In Q1 2016, Ukrtelecom paid UAH 410 million in taxes and duties to the national and local budgets of Ukraine.

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