Winter diesel came to Ukraine by sea


October 6, commissioned by WOG, at the port of Feodosiya tanker  with diesel fuel of brand F arrived ( filtration temperature is minus 21 degrees Celsius). Volume of supply DP is 12.7 tons.

«Today we take 12.7 tonnes of diesel brand F, supplied by WOG. This is the first winter delivery of fuel this year. Given the weather, it is prudent solutions company, to bring a winter diesel today. This will allow consumers in advance and painlessly move to winter mode traffic and avoid worrings» – said the director of Feodosia companies providing petroleum Vladimir Kuzenkov .

Currently, there is fusion fuel, then winter diesel will be transported to the eastern and southern regions by rail. This diesel is available for sale at AGC WOG later this month.«The port of Feodosiya has the technical ability to accept tankers larger capacity than other ports of Ukraine. The new route allows us to transport fuel increased quantities. This in turn enables the company to reduce the cost of each tranche, and thus operating costs. We keep abreast of and regularly review the capabilities of our transportation system to optimize time and costs. Besides, we can meet the growing demand for diesel frost among drivers  of Ukraine», – said General Director Sergey Koretsky, WOG .

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